All of the fundraising we do thru the year helps pay for all of the PTA sponsored events. These events make the school a fun place for the students and staff, but we can’t do them without help.  If you are interested in Chairing or Volunteering for any of the events please email:                        or                                        call/text PTA President Zeina Hamid at 313-695-0870            or                                        leave a comment on the blog!

Thank You,

  1. Staff Luncheon – a lunch on the first day back at school for staff.
    1. August 27th
    2. Chair – Zeina Hamid & Nada Makled
  2. Footsloggers – morning walk to school program.
    1. Every morning at the Dunworth Bog except the winter months
    2. Meet at 8 am walk to school at 8:20 am
    3. Chair – Melissa Farrell
  3. Open House Refreshments – set up and smiles.
    1. September 13th
    2. Chair Nada Makled
  4. Pumpkin Patch – order and have delivered for each student.
    1. Click here to volunteer – we need a few helpers to make this event a success!
    2. October 25th
    3. Chair – Zeina Hamid
  5. Valentine’s Family Dance – family dance decor/refreshment donations.
    1. Februrary 8th – tentative
    2. Chair – Melissa Farrell
  6. Kindergarten Round-Up – refreshments for the kindergartners.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Nada Makled
  7. Spirit Week – coordinate a fun spirit week.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Nikki Foley
  8. Ice Cream Social – ice cream sundaes for entire school.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Stacey Garcia
  9. Staff Appreciation Week – daily celebrations during lunch for staff during teacher appreciation week.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Haifa Baydoun
  10. Gym Nights – after school grade level family fun.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Vacant
  11. Haigh Family Fun Night – plan inflatables, games, and food trucks.
    1. TBD
    2. Chair – Vacant
  12. Sunshine Committee – bring happiness to someone in need.
    1. As needed throughout the school year
    2. Chair – Julia Zamarron
  13. Garden Club – beautify the school.
    1. As needed throughout the school year
    2. Chair – Julia Zamarron

Reimbursement-Request for expenses related to events.  After filling them out, give the requests to your child’s teacher.  I will put the reimbursement in that teacher’s mail box for you.  Just make sure your name, your child’s name and their teachers name is somewhere on the form or envelope!