Take a Trek. Join the Journey: Become a Footslogger!

Our mission is to tromp, skip, dance, trek, jump, bike, rip-stick, board, and hike to school. 

Sure, there are a lot of good reasons to join the Haigh Footslogger Crew: reduce pollution, decrease car traffic around school, exercise. But we don’t do it for all of those reasons. We do it because we need wide open spaces—a car is just too small to contain our love of adventure and our need to be on the move. We are FOOTSLOGGERS, and we slog because we CAN.

For the Footsloggers oath click here.


  1. Bog: Location where sloggers meet-up to begin their meet and get their cards punched. 
    • Currently, we meet at Dunworth Bog: Dunworth Pool parking lot at Levagood Park (at Sheridan and N. Denwood Streets).
    • Route Distance: .4 miles (We travel from the parking lot then head left along the Levagood Park path).
    • Departure Times: Crew Leaders will depart the bog at 8:20am, according to their cell phone clocks.
  2. Crew: The entire group of Haigh sloggers and spinners is a crew.
  3. Crew Leader: The parents or teachers who lead the crew to school.
    • Absences: If your scheduled crew leader has to be absent, s/he will do their best to arrange for a substitute (their partner/spouse, another crew leader, or parent).
  4. Remind: We use this app to notify parents of time sensitive information or the latest blog post. Click here to download Remind
  5. Slog & Spin: This is what we do at our slogger meets. Slogging can be walking, skipping, dancing, jumping, etc.–as long as it gets you to school. Spinning is getting to school on wheels, bikes, roller blades, ripsticks, skateboards, etc.
  6. Slogger Meet: Our morning slogs/spins to school.
  7. Spinners: This is the name we give to the crew members who are on wheels. In most cases, we’ll use the term “sloggers” to refer to both sloggers and spinners. If we have a special notice for spinners, then we’ll use that term instead.
    1. Spinners must be able to independently carry, stow, and (if desired) lock their equipment (bikes, skateboards, rip-sticks, locks, lock keys, helmets, safety equipment, etc.).
    2. Bikes must be stowed at one of Haigh’s bike racks. One of the racks is located on the north side of the building (facing Divine Child); the other is located on the west side of the building (near the entry to the teachers’ parking lot).


Q: I already walk to school, and the bogs are not on my route. Can I join the Footslogger Crew?

A: YES! You are just the kind of slogger we need. You walked before we slogged. Contact Melissa Farrell ( for details on how to participate.
Q: Rather than bringing my slogger to one of the bogs, I’d like to be the driver of a traditional “walking school bus”, (aka: “picking up” other children on our route). Can I do this? Does this make me a crew leader? Will the children who take part in this still be considered Footsloggers?
A: YES! YES! and YES! Obviously, one of our primary objectives is to get kids and families slogging more and, ideally, slogging from their home doors all the way to Haigh’s doors. We set up the bogs at Levagood Park to make it convenient for parents who are already driving, but we definitely want to make sure that anyone on foot is part of the crew!
In the scenario you described, you are a crew leader. Of course, we’ll need to post your route and information, so sloggers know where to meet up with you. So, for all of these details and more, contact Melissa Farrell at 773.318.5567.