Teacher Wish Lists

PTA is coordinating a classroom wish list program.  We have asked each classroom teacher for a list of their classroom needs and/or supplies that are running low.  We all know that our teachers spend so much money out of their own pocket, so we would like to help.  Please look for your classroom’s list in your child’s folder this week.

If you are able to donate anything on the list to assist in your child’s education feel free to send it anytime to your child’s classroom.  Please note:  This is not mandatory!  Any and all donations are very appreciated.  We have so many generous families here at Howard, as well as the best teachers and students!  Thank you for your support!

As mentioned above, you will receive a list for your child’s individual classroom.  Below you will find a list of supplies that would be appreciated in our front office:

fine point sharpies

tape refills

non-latex gloves

snack size Ziploc bags

medium binder clips

hair ties

band aids


gel pens

cases of small water bottles





electric stapler

tissue boxes

Clorox wipes

paper clips


AA and AAA batteries


legal pads

1 1/2′ binders

glue sticks

3×5 index cards


If you would like to donate any of the above items, please send them to Mrs. Jumaa in the office.