Pizza Kits Come In This Wednesday!!!

Our TOP SELLER for the pizza kit fundraiser  is AMINA MROCZKA from Mrs. Stetz class!   She won a $25.00 gift certificate to the book fair!

Winning class is…….. MRS. STETZ!    Congratulations!

We sold over 350 pizza kits!  Way over our goal of 300! Thank you Lindbergh Families for your support!

   Pizza kits MUST be picked up WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH FROM 2 TO 4:30PM

Please click on the link below to sign up to help distribute the kits when they arrive on Wednesday, Feb 11!

Spoil Your Teacher With School Supplies This Valentine’s Day!

As many of you know, this year, we’ve decided to take our Teacher Appreciation week (usually held in May) and stretch it out over the whole school year.  Our next Teacher Appreciation event will be held on Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 13).  Your teachers will be filling out a “wish list” of supplies that they want or need for their class.  Our plan is to have the students bring in items from their teacher’s list as a Valentine’s Day gift to their teacher.  We are asking all students to participate.  If you are unable to contribute, students are more than welcome to bring in a homemade card. All contributions can be dropped off in the office or given to the teacher labeled “PTA” with the teacher’s name written on the package.  As this is a Valentine’s Day event, we are asking that all contributions are brought in no later than Friday, February 13th.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   Vanessa Mkrtumian 734-674-1650 or

Ms. Ruselink
Dry Erase Markers (black), Glue Sticks, Crayola Markers (bold markers)
Ms. Wright
Dry Erase Markers, Glue Sticks
Mrs. Stetz
Loose Paper, Gift cards to Dollar Tree (for math activities), Washable Markers, Wooden Clothes Pins, Highlighters (Yellow), Scissors for kids
Ms. Brecka
#2 Pencils, Kleenex, Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Drawing Paper, Construction Paper
Mrs. Noe
Dry Erase Markers, 3×5 Note Cards, Pencil Tip Erasers, Copy Paper
Ms. Hornyak
Spiral Notebooks (sets of 20 – same color), Pocket Folders (sets of 20-same color), Highlighters, Kids scissors, Wide ruled paper, Construction
Paper, Pink Erasers Ticonderoga Pencils, Wet glue -not stick
Ms. Robins
Cardstock Paper, Elmer’s Glue Sticks, Stickers with encouraging words, Stapler, Non-fiction books (water ,landforms, plants, matter), Connect four, dominoes, Head-bands – Games, Pens (purple and green ink), Small rectangular aquarium, Packets of white copy paper, Floor puzzles (US map, Michigan, science stuff)
Ms. Lorber
Dry erase markers, Pencil top erasers, Pencils, loose-leaf lined papers, fun stickers, addition flashcards, subtractions & multiplication flashcards, glue sticks, ear buds, sticky notes, index cards, gallon plastic bags, Kleenex, teaching tree word strips (dollar tree)
Ms. Polidori
Stickers, low odor dry erase markers, small post-it notes, tissue, dry erase boards, dry erase board cleaners, Clorox clean-ups, books (non-fiction)

Ms. Lybik

Dry Erase Markers, Crayola markers, post-it note tabs, Kleenex, electric pencil sharpener
Ms. Hickson
Dry Erase Markers, Regular markers, small size post-it notes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags-all sizes, pencils, pens (red & black), calculators, protractors (clean plastic), electric pencil sharpener, glue sticks
Ms. Gardner
Copy paper white, Masking tape (4 to 8 rolls), Markers (fine tip & thick tip), 1 ½ in. binders
Ms. Bush
#2 Pencils, red/black pens, Kleenex, white copy paper, calculators, Crayola markers (fat ones), electric pencil sharpener, Ziploc baggies (sandwich & gallon), dry erase markers, hand sanitizer
*Ms. Knaus & Ms. Wilkie don’t have any specific wish list items*

Congratulations to Lindbergh Reflection Participants!

Thank you to the following students who participated in the 2014-15 Reflections program.  This year’s theme–“The World Would Be a Better Place If. . .”–was depicted and illustrated in so many creative and unique ways by our students, and they should all be congratulated!  A special congratulations to our District award-winners (noted below), whose works are being judged at the State level!
Elena Bazzi (Photography, Visual Arts)–Second Place, District, Photography (Primary)
Sireen Bazzi (Literature, Photography, Visual Arts)–First Place, District, Photography (Primary)
Aseel Beydoun (Literature, Visual Arts)–Second Place, District, Visual Arts (Primary)
Reina Beydoun (Literature, Visual Arts)
Zoey Bondy (Film Production)
Mary Dakhlallah (Visual Arts)
Allison Koehler (Literature)–Second Place, District, Literature (Intermediate)
Annabel Kristensen (Visual Arts)
Kate Mattison (Visual Arts)
Mitchell Mattison (Visual Arts)–First Place, District, Visual Arts (Primary)
Kaitlyn Ruselink (Visual Arts)
Grace Schook (Visual Arts)–Second Place, District, Visual Arts (Intermediate)
Brenna Thorpe (Literature)
A District-wide ceremony will be held in the Spring to celebrate and recognize all of the students’ works.
My thanks, as well, to parents, teachers, and administrators and staff for their support and help with the success of this program.
Amanda LeFranc
Reflections Chair