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  1. Have to work into the night, likely will not make it to PTA meeting evening of 4/11/18.

    1. We are not in favor of changing to HS start/end times. We have two students at STEM. It’s hard enough getting them up in time now. Our kids are tired after school and expect earlier start time to drain well being. Next year one will be in HS, thus conflicting times. Also, one parent is HS teacher, thus can’t help w/ carpool and other parent often working long/odd hours. Challenge families to try these start/end times for a full week! A comprehensive formal survey of all current/prospective parents and students should be conducted; pushing this through as PTA agenda item disenfranchises families. This option does not put students first.

    2. We carpool, have helped facilitate them based on elementary school attended. System that is based on neighborhood/zip code would be better, perhaps HS boundary areas too.

    3. Will help w/ promotion ceremony.
    The Boyces

    The Boyces

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